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So you think you can photoshop?

You may think you can photoshop.....

but then you won't Nudge me and ask about turning your ex boyfriend green and drawing a flaming text labeled "jerk".

Photoshop training titles.

(1) lynda Photoshop Training Series

(2) Photoshop Total Training Series

To actually know your way around the wonderful world of photoshop you must know the key concepts of "digital art" it's far more complicated than your primitive pencil and paper. so take your time and collect your patience to learn it's basics. it's not that hard really.

The Link above are services to be paid for.
although it's expensive and worth the money...."the Shark fin can be fished without actually fishing for it" if you catch the ever metaphoric drift....

and the one site I ever Love to visit and recommend.
it's free, it's video tutorial, it's jammed packed with good useful stuff, it's done by a very cool guy.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009 | | 2 comments

Photo manipulafun

I've been asked many times about what software should they use to make pictures pretty. Either because they just bought themselves a new Camera, or they spotted a HUMONGOUS MONTROUS Zit on their picture tagged on facebook.

Either way. So far there are 3 programs I personally liked and have used before to
"make pictures.... and you pretty...."

(1) Paint Shop Pro. by Jascs

it was the software I first started meddling with when I was a young newbie back in early high school. Very easy to use, and it's filled with cool features that's prepared with it's presets.
The latest version should be photo X2, I think..

(2) The GIMP

this is Free. perhaps the best free photo editing software out there. it has a surprisingly good amount of features for photo manipulation and editing. what's better than FREE is, it's under the general public license, that means it's like Rapid KL only better.

(3) Photoshop

latest version is Photoshop CS4. If you have the interest and time, take up a few Tutorials and classes from your friends. it has a steeper learning curve and is filled with tricks up it's own sleeves. the possibilities are limited only by your creativity.
Known to be the most effective way to remove that humongous Zit. of yours.

On other news

It was a surprising morning when I received an email. that I took 2nd place for a Photo manipulation contest, hosted by listed here

now I can start charging people for photoshop training.

Saturday, 14 March 2009 | | 3 comments

if fictional characters write books

Among the best sellers

Among the best sellers

Thursday, 5 March 2009 | | 4 comments

The new New blog theme

Ok I quit horsing around. finally got this decent looking template up. it's only time for me to add something nice to the header at the top here.

Blogger doesn't seem to have a twitter widget perhaps I might just make myself a twitter widget using flash from scratch.

Thursday, 26 February 2009 | | 6 comments

new blog theme

changed the template didn't have time to customize my own (since blogger sucks at that). so this is just temporary while I set up my new home.

don't worry you are in the correct place.


Our gaming circle

for the past months I have been playing games with a group of friends regularly through the internet. (hamachi)

I have to say we really had a good time. it really bonds us together, let me just transcribe to you our usual conversations in the game. from my perspective. the others aren't transcribed in this post.


-you ready?
-Ok join in the game.
-no rowen will host the game.
-he already hosted.
-lets not waste time and just join in rowen's game
-I said join rowen's game
-ok everybody ready?
-faster please.
-please use your headset I can hear bloody echos over here.
-Start now.
-i said start now
-i saaaid staaaaart noooooow.... yes!

---game started----

- ok kush follow me
- kush you are so slow... faster.
- hey kenny what are you doing so far away comeback.... Hey kenny.
- what you said??
- what I can't hear you. you too soft..
- I do what?.... oh ok!
- hey jasper use the headset man. can hear echos.
- use the headset. I said use the headset. HEADSET!!.
- Casey there's a sniper in that building take him out. The one on the right. No the other right. No before the lag. yes turn around this way, Where i'm pointing now... no wait.... no aaaaawwww I died.
- GaRGh! Kenny's comp crash again.

------ round ends everyone dies mission failed -----

to listen to the conversation on the other side. or to join in our very "bonding" conversation, you can come on and join us in our games. Just send me a message.

we love to play almost anything except that Craft of pure evil named DotA.

Tom Clancey's rainbow six vegas 2

(Hope to play soon) CnC3 tiberium wars

Call of duty: World at War

Tuesday, 24 February 2009 | | 4 comments

Second Draft

hey raj here's my second draft.
still not happy with it. a little bit too cloud nine if you ask me.

quite a lot is out of shape. a very "quicky" work. some colours are out and stuff.

Monday, 23 February 2009 | | 4 comments

MSN contact groups being very honest.

sorry rowen...

Monday, 16 February 2009 | | 2 comments

moving on to a new place I call home.

if you have been following my blog. you would know that

1. I've been complaining on how blogger sucks.

2. I've been complaining on how blogger really sucks.
(you will know that blogger sucks once you have tried something better)

3. this blog is quite rubbish. (shit isn't always brown)

So I've been working on this blog with my own Domain address. and using a blogging software which bestow upon me the ultimate control.

I need your help. I need Ideas and suggestions. I need stimulants to improve on this draft. as shown above.

Sunday, 15 February 2009 | | 10 comments

the glory of XML.

I'm finally going to dive into XML. That scary markup language. that kept me wondering what it does since I was 16.

Now that my Action scripting skills have developed and matured in an immature way.. it's time to move on.

would love it if anyone. who has experience with XML. befriend this poor soul in his captivated life of the bloody world wide web.

just add my email address. or leave a comment. would love to have a chat with the experienced.